Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The 1s day going into the 1st floor of the house

Living room (above)

Family Room

Looking into the morning room


Our home is really coming together!!! I am looking forward to seeing the upstairs and basement whenever the steps are put in.


  1. Hi Gigi, congrats on the build! Love that house...I wonder where Ive seen it before :) Ericka

  2. Thanks Ericka! I love it too ! I've been following your page since you've started, you guys are like a week ahead in progress

  3. Hey neighbor! Do you know if the neighbors on the other side of our lot have started building as well? We were last down there in the beginning of March and no construction had begun on either side of us. So it is awesome to see ow much of your house is already completed.

  4. Hey doll!! Nope our house is the only one on our side being built right now, we go every week to see the house

  5. Nice! It starts to fly at this point something new every day.

  6. Hey,

    How are things going w/ the house? I keep checking back every few days trying to see if I missed anything new w/ you guys. When is your settlement date?