Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The hole has been dug!!!! 3/7/12

The hole has been dug!!! And the journey begins!!! I am so excited , so we went to see the house on 3/7/12 and this is what we seen! I was so happy to see the dirt, it was the best feeling in the world, or so I thought!

A week later we returned to the site and we had a foundation poured!!

the next day when we returned, our lumber package has been delivered, this was on Tuesday 3/20/12, and 2 days later, hubby told me we were going to see the lot and he made me close my eyes, when I opened them , Surprise , Surprise, this is what I seen

OMG !!! was this our house up in 2 days,I was truly in disbelief , I had to make sure we were on the right lot, I was all smiles!! Ryan homes Rock!!!

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